Journal of Information Systems Applied Research

Volume 16 - 2023

Table of Contents

Volume 16, Issue No. 3 (November, 2023)

Page 4 Optimizing a Convolutional Neural Network Model in Amazon SageMaker for an Autism Detection Tool, EZ Autism Screener
Catherine M. Ata, City University of Seattle
Sam Chung, City University of Seattle
Brian Maeng, City University of Seattle

Page 23 Are Companies Responsible for Internet of Things (IoT) Data Privacy? A Survey of IoT User Perceptions
Karen Paullet, Robert Morris University
Adnan A. Chawdhry, Pennsylvania Western University
Jamie Pinchot, Robert Morris University

Page 33 E-Commerce Drone Delivery Acceptance: A Study of Gen Z's Switching Intention
Jeffrey P. Kaleta, Appalachian State University
Wei Xie, Appalachian State University
Charlie Chen, Appalachian State University

Page 45 The Effect of Mental Illness on Compensation for IT Developers
Alan Peslak, Penn State University
Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University
Kiku Jones, Quinnipiac University
Lori N. K. Leonard, University of Tulsa

Page 58 Measuring Learners’ Cognitive Load when Engaged with an Algorithm Visualization Tool
Razieh Fathi, Smith College
James D. Teresco, Siena College
Kenneth Regan, University of Buffalo

Page 68 Virtual Reality in Special Education: An Application Review
Yi (Joy) Li, Kennesaw State University
Zhigang Li, Kennesaw State University

Volume 16, Issue No. 2 (July, 2023)

Page 4 Influence of Reporting Structure and Perception of Role of Information Technology on Decision-Making: A Qualitative Study
Amit Pandey, Robert Morris University
Sushma Mishra, Robert Morris University

Page 14 Impact of Emergent Technologies on US Workforce: Exploratory Analysis
Katarzyna Toskin, Connecticut State University

Page 21 A Predictive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Maintenance Method: Using Low-Code and Cloud-Based Data Visualization
Taejin Kim, City University of Seattle
Ahreum Ju, City University of Seattle
Brian Maeng, City University of Seattle
Sam Chung, City University of Seattle

Page 28 Measuring Analytics Maturity and Culture: The LDIS+™ Analytics Impact Framework
Jonathan Fowler, Logicle Analytics
Samuel Sambasivam, Woodbury University

Page 42 How Firms Can Impact IT Project Continuation Intentions: A Human Capital Perspective
Stephanie Totty, Middle Tennessee State University
Sam Zaza, Middle Tennessee State University
Timothy Greer, Middle Tennessee State University
Melinda Korzaan, Middle Tennessee State University

Page 54 A Comparative Analysis of Web Application Vulnerability Tools
Susana Paola Lainez Garcia, University of Texas at Dallas
Amy S. Abraham, University of Texas at Dallas
Kristina Kepic, University of Texas at Dallas
Ebru Celikel Cankaya, University of Texas at Dallas

Page 61 Information Worth: Investigating the Differences in the Importance and Value of Personally Identifiable Information
Jeffrey P. Kaleta, Appalachian State University
Lakshman Mahadevan, Florida Gulf Coast University
Russell Thackston, ThackApps

Volume 16, Issue No. 1 (March, 2023)

Page 4 Text Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence: An Analysis of Two Text Prediction Systems
Hayden Wimmer, Georgia Southern University
Jie Du, Grand Valley State University
Peter Heri, Georgia Southern University

Page 13 QR Code Hacking – Detecting Multiple Vulnerabilities in Android Scanning Software
Joe Homan, Stephenson Technologies Corporation
Jennifer Breese, Pennsylvania State University

Page 21 Short Stay Healthcare Quality in Skilled Nursing Facilities: Occupancy, Nurse Staff Mix, and COVID-19 Integration of Information Systems: Robotic Process Automation
Elaine Winston, Hofstra University
Jason Xiong, Appalachian State University
Dawn Medlin, Appalachian State University
Alex Pelaez, Hofstra University

Page 35 An Exploration of the Benefits of Certifications and their Relationship to Salaries in IS/IT
Kevin D. Matthews, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Jeff Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Thomas Janicki, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Page 46 A Serverless Real-Time Data Streaming Architecture for Synchronous Online Math Competition
Yu-Che Liu, City University of Seattle
Sam Chung, City University of Seattle

Page 52 Identification of Stressed Wolf Populations Based on Hormone Levels Using Support Vector Machines (SVM)
John C. Stewart, Robert Morris University
G. Alan Davis, Robert Morris University