Journal of Information Systems Applied Research

Volume 8 - 2015

Table of Contents

Volume 8, Issue No. 2 (October 2015)

Page 4 Identifying User Behavior from Residual Data in Cloud-based Synchronized Apps
George Grispos, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
William Bradley Glisson, University of South Alabama
J. Harold Pardue, University of South Alabama
Mike Dickson, Police Scotland, UK

Page 15 ERP Customization vs. Business Process Reengineering: Technical and Functional Perceptions
Meg Fryling, Siena College

Page 30 A Cloud Computing Methodology Study of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the Financial Industry
James Lawler, Pace University
H. Howell Barber, Pace University
Anthony Joseph, Pace University

Page 44 Use of Preventative Measures to Protect Data Privacy on Mobile Devices
Jamie Pinchot, Robert Morris University
Karen Paullet, Robert Morris University

Page 52 Cyber Security Best Practices: What to Do?
Howard Kleinberg, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Bryan Reinicke, Rochester Institute of Technology
Jeff Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Volume 8, Issue No. 1 (April 2015)

Page 4 Cyberbullying or Normal Game Play? Impact of age, gender, and experience on cyberbullying in multi-player online gaming environments: Perceptions from one gaming forum
Meg Fryling, Siena College
Jami Cotler, Siena College
Jack Rivituso, SUNY Cobleskill
Lauren Mathews, Siena College
Shauna Pratico, Siena College

Page 19 The Silent Treatment in IT Projects: Gender Differences in Inclinations to Communicate Project Status Information
Melinda Korzaan, Middle Tennessee State University
Nita Brooks, Middle Tennessee State University

Page 31 Building a Better Stockbroker: Managing Big (Financial) Data by Constructing an Ontology-Based Framework
Logan Westrick, Epic
Jie Du, Grand Valley State University
Greg Wolffe, Grand Valley State University

Page 42 On Adapting a Military Combat Discrete Event Simulation with Big Data and Geospatial Modeling Toward a Predictive Model Ecosystem for Interpersonal Violence
Fortune S. Mhlanga, Lipscomb University
E. L. Perry, Faulkner University
Robert Kirchner, USAF, Retired

Page 56 Measuring Algorithm Performance With Java: Patterns of Variation
Kirby McMaster, Moravian College
Samuel Sambasivam, Azusa Pacific University
Stuart Wolthuis, BYU-Hawaii